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I have just written a long post which has disappeared, so here is a shortened version.  It is in relation to this Accounting Web article (below and posted today) that states that the FIRST ever person to be prosecuted of a false filing to Companies House was, almost ironically, someone who did it to highlight how easy it is to make a false filing.

This makes a mockery of our hard work and all the responsibilities and charges put on us.  We are required with due diligence to check Companies House to see if they are a real company when Companies House themselves dont check if the are a real company.  We could be ticking a box of a fraudulent company

The workload and filings fees layered on us seem to be, once again, picking on the little people when the authorities do not make their checks.  It reminds me of my father saying 'Do as I say, not as I do'

Are all these regulations, GDPR etc. just a reason for a filing fee and prosecution charge for non compliance whilst real fraud and corruption is allowed to go unchecked?

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