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Chance for Remote Bookkeeping

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Hello there,

I am Dell and live in Berlin, Germany.

With ICB certificates Level I/II (and a BA in Business Studies/HE Certificate in International Business), I landed here a couple of bookkeeping jobs.

As a controller for a small business, my main task was reconciliation: daily cash outlays to purchase invoices/expense notes, sales invoices to quotations-sales orders-returns, bank statements.

Additional responsibilities included chasing overdue customers and using excel to keep records of sold items and calculate/total sales staff commissions.

Then at an international company, duties included checking customers’ monthly installments/late payment charges/residual value payments, closing accounts with zero balance or investigating their discrepancies, using the suspense account for payments adjustment/correction.

Now being at home out of work and recovering from an op, I would like to keep my skills trained both by attending an ACCA course and extending my bookkeeping practical experience by carrying out remote work for a UK small company or practice.

To start with, I have offered volunteering bookkeeping to British charities (local, national, international ones) but the condition of me living abroad turns out to be an obstacle.

Is in your opinion, pursuing to carry out bookkeeping for a UK small business/practice, remotely from Germany, even unpaid, realistically achievable? And if so any suggestion where/how to find such an opportunity? 

Many thanks and have a good day,



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Hi Dell,

You may find that some organisations are a little apprehensive about outsourcing work to someone domiciled in another country out of concern to keep onside of the various Anti Money Laundering rules in the UK 

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Hi Badhombre,

yes, I do share your point.

Additionally some Charities replied to my volunteering bookkeeping offer by pointing out the new Data Protection Regulation coming soon into force.

An impossible mission then...?

Many thanks for your comment.



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