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Recommendations for website builder providers

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I’ve just passed my exam for ICB Payroll Management, and will shortly have my practice licence so I can set up my business as a sole trader Payroll Agent.

I am trying to create a website myself, register a domain, create a logo etc and would love if any of you have any recommendations for website builder companies. Squarespace and 1and1 are a couple I’ve been looking at. I want a website that looks professional but not to cost me several hundred pounds.

Thanks to software recommendations from others on here, I have decided to use BrightPay for my payroll software, with their online portal offering as an optional add on that clients can pay a bit extra for, on top of set prices I’m going to charge which include all services, and no set up fee.

Now I’m just keeping all of my fingers and toes cost that I will get some custom!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Sam,

Congrats on passing your exam and good luck with starting your practice! I took the plunge in April this year and haven't looked back!

I also started with a very small budget and designed my own Wordpress website which is hosted by Siteground and I can certainly say that it's given me the flexibility to create a website suited to my brand at relatively low cost - £68.00 for the year, and the customer service received from Siteground has been second to none.

Along with bookkeeping, design is another passion of mine and I would be more than happy to provide some guidance and assistance to help get you going - i'm hoping for it to be another sideline to offer a complete business service.

Please feel free to PM or email via


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