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Level 3 Self Learning

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Hello All,

I have just completed Level 2 by using a training provider. I got through the course without needing any tutor support and found the course itself to be not much more than a text book online. The most frustrating part was having to wait for my learning provider to book me in for exams and I wished I had more control over this aspect of things.

I now want to start Level 3, I have looked at the various learning providers and can see the best rated ones charge around the £600 mark. It also seems that these use their own mock exams instead of the actual ICB mocks so I'd need to pay the extra £10 for the ICB mocks, not a huge amount but just something else to add to the overall cost.

Since I have an accounting software package from my Level 2 course which is valid for about another 10 months I am seriously considering buying the Kaplan texts and self learning for level 3. I would really appreciate other peoples experience of this to see if it would be a valid option. 

Look forward to any comments. 




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Have you looked at Ideal Schools? They are great for distance learning, their support is great.

I believe their course fees are £345 and include all the ICB mock exams as well to help you prepare.

They respond really quickly as well.

I became qualified through them and can’t recommend them enough!!! 

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I also studied with Ideal and can highly recommend them.  Their fees are almost half what you have been quoted and include all your tutor support and mock exams.  They are also incredibly supportive post qualifying which I have found invaluable.

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I would also highly recommend Ideal Schools!  I've completed levels 2, 3 and 4 with them and currently studying the level 3 SAT course.  Study folders are great, tutor support is excellent, you get practice mocks by Ideal and two ICB mocks included.  I also paid up front for my exams when I booked my package.  Any exam requests have been actioned very quickly.  

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I studied both Level 2 & 3 by self-study using the Kaplan Books and found them generally excellent.  They also have some revision kits which I found very useful.  It's fair to say that I was already experienced as a bookkeeper and therefore didn't really need any support.  Self-study doesn't always suit everyone but I found it flexible as I could move at my own pace ad if I wanted to sit an exam, I could order it immediately and get it sat (apart from the final one which means booking in advance).  I also got the mock exam results immediately which gave me a clue as to whether I was ready to sit the exam.

The three Kaplan books for Level 3 cost £75 so if you think you can do it without support then why not give it a try.  If it doesn't work and you find it too hard then go with a training provider.  You could always just start on the manual bookkeeping book and give that a try and if it works buy the computerised and revision kit later.

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I completed my level 3 using the ICB self study books, the are excellent. I also Passed my level 4 self assessment tax also using the ICB books and have started the limited company financial statements.

I have not used a training provider since starting level 2. 

All the best with your studies.

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Hi Farge,

I have completed the Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4 exams this year all using only the ICB self-study textbooks then purchasing the ICB Mock Exams. I think this is the cheapest way to do it, and there is fantastic flexibility around when to sit your exams. I'd highly recommend trying this in the first instance, but would suggest it is slightly dependent on how you best learn. The self-study textbooks were really easy to follow, had good worked examples and further activities to test understanding.

Hope this helps & good luck with your next level!


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