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Sage Drive

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I am looking for feedback on sage drive if anyone can help please

I understand that a few years ago there were problems with it but wondered if any one has/is experiencing difficulties with this 

Any info on how well (or not) it is currently working would be much appreciated as I have a client who is considering it

Many thanks


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Sorry, I am not on the forum a lot, I use Sage Drive for 3 clients and have done so for several years, it did use to be very buggy but as calmed down a lot and for the last year I have only had problems with one client on it, that one has a very large dataset so don't know if that is why.


I find it very good now, just remember that certain processes must be carried out on the client's machine or else the whole program goes down., these processes are the year end round up, any rebuilds or data reindexing.  I run those processes either in their office or by using Teamviewer to access their machine.

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Hi MikeH,

I have found SageDrive to be quite reliable in storing and retrieving data both on my clients computer at their place of work and also via my own system.

The only thing that I have found is that when using Sage50c you are required to download and install a copy of the software onto each persons computer who would like to access the data which becomes an ardous task!

As PAMDILL has mentioned, you can also use teamviewer to access the clients software to perform taks aswell.

Hope this helps!


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