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retiring bookkeeper looking for a replacement

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Hi all,

I have been contacted by a local bookkeeper who is planning to retire and is looking for someone to take over some of his clients. I don't actually know this bookkeeper, he has contacted me throught the Quickbooks portal. I've looked up his name and he seems genuine but am wondering if there is anything I should watch out for? I know it's custom to pay a fee for taking over clients but he hasn't mentioned that yet in the short email exchange we've had so far. I asked him for the conditions of the hand over but so far he has only told me about potential workinng hours and type of businesses.

Am just wondering what would be a normal fee per client or rather per projected hours of work per month/quarter? Also would the fee be normally paid up front or at intervals? After all, if even if the guy is genuine I don't know if the clients will actually be happy to go/stay with me. Also I don't know how many people he's promising the clients to? It's pretty early in the whole process and we've literally just exchanged a couple of emails just don't want to fall into any trap if avaoidable. It feels a bit like online dating, you don't really know who's on the other end and if they are actually genuine!

Really appreciate and insights/experience with this!



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