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anyone got clients already signed up to MTD

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Hi everyone


has anyone got clients who have already signed up for MTD and if they have was it an easy process ?? I have signed up for MTD as an agent and was hoping to cinque my clients who qualify but when i tried the website said that they had not signed up to MTD. 

My problem is that my clients will want me to do this for them but I have searched and searched and can't find where you do it. HMRC's website is like plaiting fog, they seem to want to tell you all about MTD but not a great deal on how to actually go about it. I would have thought the simple solution would have been that if you were already registered as an agent, you didnt need to register again and could just use your software to submit the vat returns direct, but I suppose thats just me being simple minded.


any advice would be very much appreciated.


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