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VAT reclaim for newbuild

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I was wondering if you could help with a little query one of my clients has had please?

To give a little background our client provideds plastering and rendering services for the building industry. 


They’ve had a customer call them saying back in 2015 they were invoiced and the total invoiced included VAT. This invoice was paid by the customer at the time. The customer has now contacted my client saying because it was a new build property we should never have charged VAT and they have been unable to reclaim from HMRC because of this.


The customer ia now asking my client to pay him back the VAT as they are out of pocket for this. The question is that because my client would have already paid HMRC on a return at the time is it now possible to claim this back from the HMRC? Any advice you could offer on this would be most appreciated.


Thanks very much.

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Hi Rich,

Have looked into it and are you confident that the supply indeed was a zero-rated supply?


If so, then on the following website there is guidance on correcting errors in VAT returns:


So it would seem that the answer to your question depends on how much it is that we are talking about.


Kind regards,


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