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Quickbooks online help!

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Hi, can anyone help me with a few queries on my QBO bank rec? 


1. client invoice for hire of equipment entered to the supplier account. Paid a deposit for the equipment, I  have entered it as a bill payment(card) against the invoice, so I have an overpayment on the supplier account. Now I have refund on my credit card statement for the balance overpaid. I tried to enter a supplier refund, but it did not enter this agains the supplier account, so I have deleted it. How can I make an entry against the suppllier account to clear the balance and have a transaction to match to my credit card statement line? 


2. I had to enter the first VAT return directly on the HMRC website as there were prior period transactions to include. On QBO I have two return periods, one for the late transactions (small refund) and one for the main period. I marked both as submitted manually and paid. I can't work out how to match to my payment amount on the bank statement - the transactions don't appear to match against in the reconcilation screen. 


thank you


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