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Starting again!!!

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Did many scotvec modules over 20 years ago in Accounting. Got the equilvant of HNC in accounting. Never took it any further.

Fast forward 20 odd years and find that i need to retrain. I had a stroke therefore not able to carry on with my other career as a hairdresser. I am no long able to stand for any period of time. Eventually decided to go back to accounting but I am self studying at the minute. Currently doing my level 2. Decided to start from scratch as things change over time so hopefully i will fly through my level 2.

Will i be able to pick up a job as bookkeeper once qualified with no experience and giving that i am over the age of 30?

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Hey @nixwill I am sure you will be alright. All the information will come back to you once those brain cells get going again. How are you finding the level 2 at the moment? 

I started the bookkeeping qualification after working as a self-employed gadener and no longer being able to cope with the physical work. I really enjoyed all the studying and am now just in the process of setting up self-employed. I would say reach out to accountants locally once you are qualified or even before for some work experience. 


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