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Passed Management Accounting Paper

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Hi Fellow Studiers,


Happy New Year!


I finally did my exam on the Management Accounting Paper on New Years Eve.


I must have been the only mad person to take an exam over Christmas.


I Passed with Merit.


Glad it is all over.


Onwards and Upwards to the next module.

Educating RitaSmile  

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Congratulations Rita,


I am looking at doing the Level IV online and Centre based exams this january. Can you advise on the best study texts for these exams and how to get them. I noly found the one for the online exam on the ICB website.


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Hi Turbo,

The study texts for this exam are from the Kaplan Website.

You can buy the books separately and study without any additional support, or you can join a school. Ideal Schools or Kaplan. It is your choice.

I believe there are 2 Mock papers on the ICB Website for this particular exam. They cost £10.00 each to purchase.

Good Luck with your studying.

Educating Rita

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