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ICB Letter of Engagement

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Hi Everyone, 


I'm just looking at writing my letter of engagement at the moment, I have taken a look at the template on the ICB website and I have to admit it is very detailed, has anybody used this template when dealing with clients, and or uploaded this into an practice management system?


thanks, Tony

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Hi Tony


I have used the ICB template a number of times in the last few months, yes its lenghty but  so far I havent had any problems.  I just adapt it as necessary and then when I give it to the new client I just give a brief overview pointing out the key points ie cost of service, who we are regulated by, what each parties responsibilities are etc.  As with any document some have read it in full before signing others scan read and sign.

Might be more lengthy than the old version I used but feels more professional and covers all bases.



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