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Experience with Property booking packages?

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Working around the Derby / Leicester area I have been approached by a contact for some help setting up some new software.  I am not familiar with any of the packages mentioned so hope that someone else can help????
In the interests of GDPR will not disclose the name of the client but if anyone can help can you email me at - and I will put you in touch - thanks.
This is the query raised - 
I was hoping you could help us with switching over our accounting records from the SUM-IT software package we currently have in place to KEYPrime Accounts and KEYPrime Property software; I believe we will also be setting up a dedicated virtual server to allow for remote access which will prove invaluable for our professional advisers when compiling reports for meetings. 

I understand the transfer of systems is being carried out over the next couple of weeks and once complete we will have the task of switching all our records over which i was hoping you could assist us with since no doubt you are familiar with both systems. 
If this is something you could help us with then i would be grateful if you could get in touch so we could discuss things in more detail. 

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