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Level 3 Computerised Textbook

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I have been self studying from the Kaplan Level 3 Manual textbook and am planning to take the BA4 exam fairly soon, however I cannot get hold of a copy of the old Kaplan level 3 Computerised study book. I'm wondering if anybody has one to sell, or could recommend another textbook which would give me the information I need?

I notice that there is a new textbook in the ICB shop for the new syllabus - M4 part 2 which suggests it covers the software element of the exam, however I phoned the ICB to ask and they were unable to confirm if this would give me the information needed for the BA4 exam. If anyone could point me in the direction of a book on Sage that would give me the correct level of information for the level 3 exam I would be very grateful! 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Helen - I'm completing the new LIII syllabus with Ideal Schools and whilst they did provide some learning material on the computerised element, there is no actual computerised element to the exam (now M4). Unless you are still progessing through the pre 2019 syllabus?

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Thanks Woodgy71 for your reply, I have just about completed the study for the pre 2019 syllabus so am planning to continue on that route. I'm thinking I may do a BA4 mock to give me an idea of what I need to know, I have used Sage before so I might surprise myself by being able to do it! I'm just worried I might get to the actual exam and be asked to produce a report that I don't know how to do.

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