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Bookkeeping for a Pub

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Hello Everyone

I am hoping to gain my first pub as a client in the next few days.  I am currently reading into the legal requirements regarding bookkeeping and pubs.  Their is a lot that needs to be completed regarding complying with various licences.  So I am compiling myself a checklist.  Outside of everyday bookkeeping activities I need to look into:


Assisting with bookkeeping entries for payroll.

VAT on sales of food, drinks, snacks, and bizzarely condoms.

Machine Games Duty.

Should I be looking at other areas too?  Any help from experienced Pub bookkeepers would really be welcome as it's quite overwhelming.


Thank you for reading.



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Hello Steve


I am in the exact same boat so happy to share as I go along. The templates are a help thank you.

Sorry no use for now but will post as and when I have something useful.


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Hi ,

I have been bookkeeping for a pub for the past couple of years. The pub doesnt have any fruit/gaming machines so i cant help with that side of things but i'm happy to share the main problems that i had as when i started with them everything was a complete mess.


Takings - make sure they make it clear which is card and which is cash as i was only being given a sheet of paper with one total on which made it impossible to see so i have set up a takings sheet for them to fillin each day breaking it down into card and cash 


invoices - make sure they clearly mark which ones are paid in cash as this will save you loads of time with reconciliations also make sure they give you all of the invoices 


I found it helpful to set up a card takings control account as the transactions were about three to four days behind and as they had three card machines totals from all three were amalgamated to one . it was easier to set up the control account and transfer from there to the bank .


Petty cash  i had to set up as staff were just taking money from the till to pay for items but were not putting reciepts into the till so it was hard to keep track of it so have got a cash box and a simple template for them to fillin and attatch receipts to and i reconcile it once a week 


i was really surprised at how much work is envolved with  pub and it took me by surprise so please bear this in mind when talking about how much you will be charging them for your work 


hope this is of some help to you

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