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Hello all!

This is my new post, and I'm actually after advice. Just applied to CRB check to start my registration process. Obviously after that next step is to register with ICB. and then ? Finished Level 4, Payroll and SAT. Do I have to register with HMRC for these services and how much it costs ? I am aware, that I have to register as self employed. Thanks a lot in advance


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Hi Edyta,

Congratulations on passing all these exams and joining as a full Member of ICB.

Your ICB qualifications in payroll an self assessment tax (together with the Practice Licence) mean that you can act as a Tax Agent on behalf of clients.

Please visit this page of the website:

to find out about how to register for the different HMRC services. There's no charge.

There's also lots of useful information in the 'Running a Practice' section of the website (under the 'Resources' tab)

including a page on HMRC toolkits and guides so you have easy access to all of HMRC's most useful content for Agents.

Don't forget there's also a Corporation Tax module at level 4. Something to work towards!



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Hell Amy

Thank you for taking your time and response to my answers. Certainly explains a lot. And definately will continue study, enjoying it too much :) 


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