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Can anyone give any advice on receipt bank and a charging model to their clients please?  I'm probably being a little negative but all i can see is it doing me out of quite a lot of work/£ ....??  I always work in the best interest of my client but fear it will create quite an instant drop in my income which is somewhat concerning....  has anyone else felt this way but been able to make it work?


Many thanks


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Hi Karen,

This is an interesting question! I'm not qualified to answer it myself but wondered if you'd had a chance to watch last week's Receipt Bank webinar?

Here is the link to watch it on-demand:

We are also running a webinar with AutoEntry tomorrow at 2pm. If you book in you'll be sent the link to watch it live, or later when you have time. AutoEntry is quite similar to Receipt Bank but does have a different pricing structure.

Book here:

We're hoping both AutoEntry and Receipt Bank will be exhibiting at the Bookkeepers Summit in November. so you could ask them in person! Good luck making those decisions,


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Thank you Ami


I have already booked into the webinar for tomorrow so that will be interesting and i will take a look at the webinar link you sent for receipt bank.

It's all a bit worrying really.....but i'm trying to stay positive!


Thanks again


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Hi Karen


If you are a data entry clerk charging by the hour then you will need to change your service and charging model.  If you provide bookkeeping services for a fixed fee then nothing needs to change.


RB definitely saves time but still needs to be managed so you may find your time isn't freed up as much as you thought it would have been anyway.





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