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New clients signing up for MTD for VAT

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I have my ASA and all existing clients have moved over and their VAT returns submitted under the new MTD not a problem.


I got HMRC authorisation for 2 new clients for VAT under my ASA account. Codes put in and they are now showing as authorised clients BUT when i hit "sign up clients for MTD" and enter their VAT numbers, the message i get is that the client is not authorised!! and then goes on to tell me to set up authorisation under the ASA.

Im going round in circles, the ques on HMRC are mad. The first time i got through they blamed Quickbooks for my problem! Obviously the clients are blocked on the software as they havent been signed up!!!


Can anyone point me in the right direction before i crack! Im back on hold with HMRC again as i write this

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Feel your frustration!  How long ago did you get the authorisation under your ASA account?  I know it can take a few days for authorisations to filter through, for example I have called HMRC before for a client I can see authorised online but they can't see it on their systems until 3 days later


The other thing, that has happened to me when signing up clients generally is I have been working in my original HMRC agent account, not logged out, only closed browser, when Ive then gone to sign up a client for MTD Ive found Ive not had option to log in with my ASA so then had to log in to my original account again to log out, then log back in with my ASA account 


Hope this helps, good luck 



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