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Marks for practical work

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Afternoon all,

Wanted to ask how the marking works for the theory and practical parts for Payroll management exams. 

I have done a few mocks now, and am ready to take the exam, however when taking the mock, the theory youre told if its a pass or a fail without including the practical.

how does this work for the overall exam mark, if I got high marks on the theory but maybe didnt do so well on the practical, is this then still classed as a fail or are they marked then separately. 

Just curious, not done exams for a long time and wasnt sure what to expect.




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Hi Lorraine,

I can confirm that there are no sectional requirements in the Level 3 Payroll exam.  The marks from the practical and the theory are added together to give the overall score.

I hope this clarifies.

Kind regards


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Thats great, thank you Allison

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