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Claiming VAT on a Facebook Advert invoice raised in Ireland

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Hi There,

We've got a load of invoices from Facebook for advertising and notice that they state: Customer to account for any VAT arising on this supply in accordance with Article 196, Council Directive 2006/112/EC. on their invoices.

Does this mean that we can raise the invoices to our accounting system with 20% vat.

These adverts are digital supplies to us and these advert go out to the world!  

VAT is a minefield these days.

Would any of you bookkeeping and accounting experts be able to guide us through this as we are clueless. And I dare say it's very important to get this spot on for HMRC?


Looking forward to your advice and guidance.  Thank You


Ruth Aficb

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You would in this case code the Facebook invoice as 20% VAT Reverse Charge (giving the net effect of 0% VAT), assuming the business receiving the invoice is VAT registered.

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