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Registering as an agent for VAT with HMRC

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I have a new VAT registered client and I needed to register as an agent for VAT. I am already registered for PAYE and I used my online account to register for VAT. However I think I have made a mistake as my client's VAT number now shows as my agent code for my agent's account. During the agent registration process I was asked to enter a VAT number, and as I am not VAT registered, I thought it was asking for my client's number, which is what I entered. I have asked HMRC to help me but I've had no help from them. As far as I can see there is no agents VAT helpline and the VAT helpline doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about!

I think I need to close my agent's VAT account and start again - but what do I enter when it asks for my VAT number?

Can anybody advise?

Thank you in advance


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