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Do ICB ever reply to emails?

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Hi there, I've been emailing the ICB now for over a week and I am finding it quite rude that they do not reply. Anybody else in the same boat?

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I always found its better to call them. Must admit haave had the same experience before. So now always call, then email the person you talked to about your issue.


Forum posts are also rarely responded to as awell.

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I emailed them with a complaint on 2nd October. Their own standards say:

"ICB will log the complaint and send an email acknowledgement within 3 working days.”

They didn't.

I emailed again a week later and got a confirmation from Amy Church. 

ICB's standards also say:

“After full investigation, ICB will provide a response, including explanation, within 6 weeks of the formal written complaint being received. In exceptional circumstances, in may be necessary for ICB to extend the duration of the investigation and in such instances will contact the complainant with revised timescales.”

The six weeks expired on 13th November, and I have received no response. I chased on 20th November: nothing received since.

Phoned today. Was told someone would get back to me.

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I have emailed them, called them, promised calls back NOTHING!


It is incredibably frustrating especially when you pay memebership and Pratcie Licence fees each year - FOR WHAT!!!

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