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BA6 mock failed twice?

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I took the BA6 mock yesterday and failed with 74% although i did answer all the questions but didnt have time to go over my answers

today I decided to do a second mock and failed with 79% again i didnt have time to check my answers but i can see the error of my ways!

when i look at the anaysis report i can see that i do understand most of it, and its also a matter of time constraint. im simply not quick enough to get it all done and check answers. 

i feel like chucking all the books in the bin? 

Maybe when i wake up tomorrow i will say to myself, anyone who hasnt failed in life never acheives anything!


Any suggestions. 


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Hi Penny, 


Sorry to hear about your BA6 mock exams, don't throw your books away, hang in there Smile

I found this one really difficult. I passed the actual exam on the third sitting which had never happened with the other exams.  My two previous attempts were 82% and 83%, it was so annoying.  All I can suggest is going over all the material again and practise papers again and again, this helped me become quicker at things.  Also look at areas where you lost marks, can you see where you went wrong, if not do you have a tutor who can advise?

Best of luck


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