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Software Recommendations for Payroll Exam

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Afternoon Everyone,

I believe that there is still a computerised aspect of the Payroll Exam, which is no problem at all!

I'm just wanting to ask what software people have used to pass the exam? I did Payroll and got Qualification in a previous life so I am currently self-studying on my own and treatinf the course as a refresher.

I'm not a lover of Sage I'm afriad but I'm happy to consider all recommendations people may have :)


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Brightpay. You can probably get a trial long enough to do the exam. 

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Cinnamint said:

“Brightpay. You can probably get a trial long enough to do the exam. ”

 Fab thanks :)

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I have the same query. I am looking for software for the computerised part of the payroll management course. My work experience has been with Sage 50 payroll so ideally I'd like to use Sage, however, don't want to spend a fortune on software just for a course. 

Any advice appreciated. 

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I did my study with Ideal Schools and they included Sage Payroll 50 in the cost. It doesn’t expire either - though obviously the regulatory checks will go out of date if you don’t upgrade each year. 

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what did you go for in the end? I'm thinking of using Xero but unsure if it'll work- I'm also not a fan of Sage! 

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It would appear that the Sage products are the only ones I can find that allow you to roll back to a previous point in time which is often required

as none of the cloud based applications that I have looked at allow you to make a full backup readilly

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