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Help with a school charity

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My child school has an association run by parents that raises funds during the year and then spends it on the children at the school, to purchase playground equipment, funds for school etc.

I am not charging a fee for the service but would like to ensure I do it right...I need some guidance please.

the works on new playground starting next week and I was wondering if we  association/charity can pay 100% or school need to pay at least some of the invoice from subcontractor so we wont have to be charged VAT on invoice from subcontractor.

Many thanks for any help.


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Hi Marta

I have clients who do work for schools (a builder and a locksmith) and whoever orders the work is invoiced. The invoice is sent to the local council for payment as they usually pay for any work, unless it is a private school.... in which case, the association can give the funds to the school to help pay for the work and the school pay the contractor. Either way, the contractor should charge VAT if he is VAT registered.  

I hope that helps!



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