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Ethics? Example of integrity at least was certainly not set today.

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I joined the ethics webnar today (22.06.20) with Garry Carter and Mark Lee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

I posted a question and Garry would not pose it to Mark Lee.  He dismissed it in a patronising way then he blocked me on the chat and there was mutterings of me to contact ICAEW.

Should my question be too long for you to read - knowing how overloaded we all are - I wish to say at the beginning - I have tried contacting ICAEW , it is almost impossible to get past the block wall.  I have gone through that route and got no-where.  I wanted to speak to someone with integrity who stood by the ethics and morals that he was speaking about.  I experienced very little/zero integrity today.  Garry did not even say he would pass on the message.  I see this as collusion wtih, in the very least a moral / ethical crime.


This is what i wrote, my question:-

Hi Mark

I have a long question I am afraid…based around ICAEW, accountants code of ethics and effective regulation that has caused enormous distress, and loss we believe too.

My sisters and I have been victims of a very dodgy behaviour by an accountant who was named as an executor on the will alleged to be our fathers.  I reported several points of issue to ICAEW referring to their extensive code of ethics.  ICAEW clearly seemed to protect the accountant rather than show any concern for us or protect the public.  I escalated it to so-called ‘independent review’ (Finding it is only 50% independent).  Their decision was ‘not to investigate’.

I went to F.C.A. at the time to find they only take issue on process, not decision.

Finding fraud on Companies House a few years later, I sought advice from ICB legal department who Confirmed to me that it amounted to ‘criminal conversion under the money laundering regulations’.  We have documents linking involvement to the accountant with this.   I called Ministry of Justice to seek advice.  They suggested I go back to the regulatory body.  I did and was dismissed again.

I tried contacting OPBAS to make a report.  I called FCA 3 times, each time I spoke to someone who didn’t know who OPBAS was.  So I used the email given and didn’t get a reply that way either.

Please comment on ICAEW’s role regarding protecting the public and upholding their code of ethics.  Also, if you are in a position to, please comment on the fact that there seems to be no route to the 'regulatory body’s' 'regulatory body' and the fact that I am unable to speak to anyone therein (at OPBAS).  What are your thoughts and the situation that when the public experience abuse by accountants  there is apparently being no controls in place:  No-one holds them to account despite the more strict money laundering regulations that are being impressed on us?

I am sorry if this question is uncomfortable and embarrassingly ‘on the spot’ but, after 13 years’ experience of seeking justice from a system which, I have found that does not do what it says it does, and where those in ‘high’ places seem to wield influence and dodge consequences.   I am extremely frustrated.  Why should we bookkeepers get all these money laundering regulations, threats and charges when accountants, who are on the front line, have the expertise to advise on money laundering, seem to be able to do what they wish without any come-back?

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Hi Karen,


I am sorry you have been struggling with your father's estate.  But the webinar was focussed on how we, as bookkeepers can remain ethical in our own practices and to provide us with tools and ideas for best practice rather than discussing historical ethics within a particular situation. 


It is my understanding that Mark would not have been invited on to answer specific questions like yours.  His offering an opinion either way would not help in your quest for justice.





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