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Payroll Help!

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Hi Everyone

I've got a client who is a UK limited company that we're running a UK PAYE scheme for - 2 employees. The company is a subsidiary of a Canadian company. The Canadia company have decided to merge the UK branch into the Canadian company and I'm left wondering how to handle the two employees. Preivously they worked for the UK limited company. Now, the work in the UK and are resident in the UK but work for and are paid by the Canadian company.

I've done some reseearch and I don't feel that the UK workers are either a subsidiary or a UK branch. My hunch is that they will have to do a self assessment return and pay their own taxes, rather than report a PAYE scheme, because a foreign company can't have a UK PAYE scheme. 

Has anyone had any experience of this sort of thing? Would appreciate hearing some stories.



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