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Backpay furlough?

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Hi, we have a cleaner who is on a 0 hour contract. She ussually works around 3.5 hours per week, but is really bad for not showing up for work without letting anyone know etc. When lockdown started my (new) manager tried to get in touch with her to see if she wanted to be put on furlough (she didn't want to just do it in case it interfered with her benefits), but didn't manage to get a hold of her. I am talking about at least 15 phonecalls. There is no point in sending her letters as she is very dyslexic. I did suggest at the time that we would put her on furlough anyway, but my manager said no. However the employee has now been in touch, doesn't understand why she hasn't been paid and my manager is wondering if it is possible to backpay her and put her on furlough? Anyone know if that is possible? Should I call HMRC and ask them? Any help would be greatly appreciated 




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