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other Bookkeepers in my area?

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Hi all,


I have passed my M8 exam and also upgarded to a MICB membership so now have a few options to choose.

I was made redundant in March 2020 and then the Covid virus lockdown started which meant I could not apply for jobs in April, May and most of June....I have been applying for jobs for several weeks now with no success :-(


I don't want to waste these hard earned qualifications and knowledge and therefore am considering gaining my practice license and finding my own clients.

I was wondering if there are other Bookkeepers in employment or with a sole trader bookkeeping business, in my area (my postcode is GL20 7AH).

It is important for me either to be hired to help other bookkeeping businesses with their workload or at some point go solo and then even join up to form a partnership?


Many Thanks

Andrew Pigram MICB

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Hi Andy,

You are best to check out your most local ICB Branch - not sure which it would be.  But actually as they are all virtual at the moment jump on any and get chatting to find other bookkeepers at the same stage as you or more experienced to ask advice.  Are you on Facebook? There is the ICB members group which you could use to try and find local members. (
It may also be worth looking at the jobs board on the website:
Best of luck,

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