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Reclaiming tax on a lump sum pension payout

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A new client has asked me to do his SA return for 2019/20.

In June 2019 he had a taxable lump sum pension payment on an Emergency Month 1 basis.

He stopped being self-employed in June 2019 but has income from 2 other small pensions and has just started receiving state pension.

Can I reclaim the overpaid tax on the SA return or does he have to use form P53Z (I think that's the correct one as he stll has an income)?

Thanks, any help appreciated as I've not had to deal with pensions before and the CITB technical helpline is busy today.


5 mins after posting - HMRC finally replied and said I can do the reclaim in the SA return as it's the same tax year.

As you were.

Edited at 24 Aug 2020 03:34 PM GMT

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