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Registration as Tax Agent

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Dear All,

I am delighted to inform that my practice licence application is successful and approved. I have few questions to ask if anyone can help.

Do I need to create separate log in for VAT returns, Corporatation tax, Self assessment tax return and PAYE to apply for Tax Agent ? I am still not allowed to provide the services for later two though. 

Do HMRC charge for registration ?

For ICB crest do I need permission each time I use it or only once ?

Any help with Marketing and networking will be helpful.


Thank you very much.


Kind regards,

Mehul Dave

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Hi Mehul,


congratulations on getting your practice licence!

You need to apply for an agent givernment gateway account.  From here you have access to all your tax services (Although for MTD VAT you need and Agent Services Account which is seperate).

There is no fee for setting this up.  I'd suggest getting ytour agent access as soon as possibel as it can take a little time.

There is information on using the ICB crest on the website.  You need to get written permission for each different use ie website, stationery etc.

As for marketting getting out and meeting people is the best way - current restrictions permitting of course!

Best of luck


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