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New clients looking for a bookeeping in North Devon & North Cornwall

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I am currently downsizing my client base due to existing workload at my employment.

I therefore having the following clients looking for new bookkeepers varying from immediately to Jan/Feb time. Please let me know if you are interested and I can put your in contact with them.


Client 1

Availability: Immediately

Based at the clients premises about 15 mins from Barnstaple, North Devon, in rural location.

1 day per month. Bookkeeping for holiday let, farm, commercial lets and construction. Set up over 3 businesses, all self employed. I have not been their bookkeeping for 3 years, but when I was they were using Sage. The holiday lets and the construction businesses are both VAT registered. 


Client 2

Availability: December - February

Based at clients premises in Launceston, North Cornwall

1 day a fortnight. Will eventually be reduced to 1 day a quarter/month. The business is a garage, carrying out MOT's, repairs and secondhand car sales. The owners daughter is studying AAT so MAY be able to take over the weekly bookkeeping, but will need supervision and checking. At the moment, I am still having to go in twice a month to oversee what she does, and then I do the bank reconciliations and the less straight forward postings onto Sage. The client has quarterly VAT returns. They have also recently set up a weekly payroll, which they are doing themselves internally.


Client 3 & Client 4

Availability: January/February

Clients are 10 mins outside Launcesston, in rural location.

I collect the work, and then carry out the work at home. Client 3, is a veterinary practice, in which I do their fortnightly payroll on Sage and the monthly bookkeeping on sage. Bookkeeping normally is 1 day a month, and the payroll takes an hour max. every fortnight. The client is vat registered and has quarterly returns.     Client 4, is connected, so both clients would need to be taken on together. This is a farm, which monthly bookkeeping takes approx 3 hours a month, which includes monthly VAT returns.


If anyone is interested in taking over these clients, please let me know and I can give you more information, and pass your details over.


Many thanks



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Hi Tammy,


Do you have a number or email that I could contact you on?  I am based about 20 minutes from Launceston




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HI Jon


My email address is 


Many thanks 



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