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How does my client invite me to Sage Accounts V27 so I can even download it?

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Hey All

first client using Sage desktop (I usually avoid sage like the plague) and am falling at the first hurdle.


client has got Sage Accounts V27. I've bought a windows laptop to be able to download it. I've downloaded *something* but when clicking on the video about C27, it clearly isn't V27 but an older version I have downloaded. I can't even find the version I have downloaded, it's not in properties and I don't have the help option (when I open sage accounts it takes me to the 'add company' 'restore back up' options'.


the back ups I have been given are taken from V27, so I don't want to enter them into the incorrect version.


I can not figure out for the life of me, how I get V27. Online it says I need a license. Which my client has.


can someone please give me an extremely dumbed down step by step? I'm pulling my hair out! 

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Hi, Are you referring to Sage Partner Edition ? as this should allow you access to your client's data without having to use backup / restore?

Or are you using your own licensed copy of Sage and then wanting to Restore your clients' data into it?



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