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Absolutely Kicking myself!

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I am an AAT qualified bookkeeper AATQB and  student of the ICB  currently studying Payroll level 3. I have being doing the mocks for the ICB level two and three. I think i might get more support from the ICB if i decided to go self employed sometime. I am employed part time now.

Now i am passing my time in part time employment and lockdown doing the ICB mocks.with  a view to doing exams in the new year. Level two then level three. Level 2 mocks passed with distinction.

Today i took a mock level 3 M5 Final Accounts for a Partnership well i am gutted KICKING MYSELF (yes i know they are mocks) to have had marks deducted because i did not fill in zeros in the unused  debit or credit coloums deducted 6 marks on two assignments so got 88%  a pass instead of 100%.  Well i won't do that again!  PS it was in the instructions to do this!! so my fault entirely

just a warning to anyone preparing for these exams read and fill in the zeros in the empty debit and credit coloums!!

Whilst am confident with the M4 and M5 exams if anyone has text books scribbled or marked or not for M6 not for profit or M7 Incorporated businesss they are willing to sell and post let me know. I did not cover thsi in detail doing the AATQB.

Take care and stay safe all fellow ICB members have a lovely Christmas.

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