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M8 Mock pass

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Happy New Year everyone!


Joy we have a vacinne and hopefully 2021 will be better for us all!


I decided to do the Mock M8 today so at least i could go into the new years with the knowledge of what i need to revise on.


I was pleased I passed with 76% as that is a builting block for me.


Good luck to anyone taking exams


Happy New Year



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Well done Penny and happy new year to you too!

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suzyw said:

“Well done Penny and happy new year to you too!”

 Hi suzy


Thank you


I'm going to put in for my second Mock M8 by the end of this month, I'' continue to revise until then!  Also I beleive to sit the M8 Live you have to have a camera on the computer. I didn't think i had one, (as never used 0ne), so now I practising that to ensure i get it correct and i believe also that  i need to get a smart phone to put behind me. As i don't have one and dont know anyone with one,  I'm going to ask ICB is a huge mirrow will do? But I suspect not, after all rules are rules. It may well be that I'l just have to wait until exam centres are open.


Thank you once again for your best wishes.


Keep safe


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