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Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management - sage business cloud

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Hello everyone,

Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management

Could you please help me with these questions I have?

I can’t find the answers.

I am planning to take my exam next week.

I use sage bussiness cloud for this course.

There are some questions in the mock exams and I need some help with this please.

1)Your software will need to be set up with the correct legislation for the tax year 2020-21. For this exam you will be processing the payroll for tax weeks 1 to 8 and tax months 1 and 2 but will not be making submissions to HMRC.

Question 1. In Sage bussiness cloud there is no option to avoid sumbissions to HMRC.
How can i calculate the Small Employer’s Relief or the Employment Allowance manually ?

2)Generate a report for tax month 1, and another for tax month 2, to show how much Octagon Organics owes HMRC for each tax month using just the pay runs for weeks 1 to 8 and months 1 and 2. If your software is unable to generate such a report, produce your own calculations, based on reports already produced to show this figure and how it has been derived.

Question 2. How can I produce my own calculations based on reports already produced to ?

3)Immediately after entering the company and employees’ details into the software, generate reports showing at least the following details for each employee: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Start Date, Tax Code, NI Number.

Question 3. How can I produce this report ?

4)I completed the payrun for Month 1 as per pay run NI method because the employee is a Director. However, Sage caclulated cumulative method NI for the payrun for Month 2. Please see message ''Calculate NI cumulatively' method has been automatically applied for the director in this pay run”.

Question 4. How can I avoid that or what can I do to have the NI method I want for all the payment runs ? Because Sage calculated wrong NI (used the cumulative method instead of Per pay run for month 2)

5)Weekly pay run for week 2, the weekly salary is 400 but I added an advance payment of 400 and the total is 800, sage calculated wrong PAYE, NI, Pension and Net Pay.

Question 5. Could you expailn me why ? How can I solve this ?

6)Taylor’s partner (Trisha Thomasson) had a child on its due date, 5th December 2019. Trisha elected to take Statutory Maternity Leave from 1 st December 2019 until her return to work on 25th April 2020. Taylor has elected to take shared parental leave commencing 25th April until 31st July. He is only paid any Statutory Parental Pay to which he is entitled whilst on parental leave, and has supplied the appropriate paperwork and notice. His average weekly earnings over the appropriate period, amounted to £403.00

Question 6. Weekly pay run 4 I need to add shared parental leave but the system does not have enough information to calculate the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) at this time.
With result in the payrun week 5 sage doesnt calculate shared parental leave
I guess that I need to add the salary for the shared parental leave manually for the next weeks.

Many thanks,


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