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P3 Exam years

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Hi All,


I am having a little difficulty with the P3 exam as I have found with my first mock.

As the study material is all manual I wanted to test my ability to use the software with the exam questions but because I started with the material for 2020/2021 I need that years software. I have tried downloading some free trial software for Brightpay and looked in to others but it doesn't seem like I can get anything but the current year. I had thought I would just be able to change the year date and it would just update but that doesn't seem to be possible.

It may well be that I am just missing something obvious or am getting tunnel vision which would be ideal as I am hoping for a quick solution.

What I would like to know is is there a way to use these free trials to complete a previous years payroll or alternatively how different would the exams for 2021/2022 be and should I just try to complete that one instead? I will need to be up to date when I am working with clients anyway after all.


Thanks in advance


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