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HI everyone,


I'm new here and am really struggling to understand what to do about CPD.  How to use the portal?  What to record?  When to record it?  What are the goals?  In short - I don't get almost everything about CPD.  I have read the information mpages several times, but they may as well be written in a foreign language - so non sensical.

Could anyone please explain to me in plain English what to do about CPD?

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Dear Dean,

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is defined as the systematic maintenance, enhancement and continuous improvement of the knowledge, skills and ability, often termed 'competence', that one needs to work as a professionally qualified bookkeeper. There are two strands to CPD:

  • Update CPD, which ensures professional competence and prevents technical obsolescence within the member's field of work.
  • Developmental CPD, which provides new knowledge, broadens skills and opens up career opportunities.

It is the responsibility of the individual member to develop and maintain the competence demanded by their role and the needs of those to whom they provide a service.

It is recommended that a member plans their annual CPD in advance; setting goals and objectives to achieve knowledge in the areas they feel need revision.

All members at associate level or above are required to undertake a program of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Each member is responsible for deciding what areas of development they need to concentrate on and most choose a broad coverage.

There are two types of CPD, structured and unstructured.  Structured is any training that is done where your presence and attainment of knowledge can be proven.  Examples will be level 4 ICB exams, Annual Bookkeepers Summit, ICB branch meetings (that cover specific topics), training courses with a certificate of attendance etc.  Unstructured is any other learning you do, such as reading articles or researching information on HMRC.

CPD should be recorded on your CPD record.  The CPD po9rtal can be used to set goals of what you want to acheive throughout the year.  The you can add activities as you work towards your goal and link these to the goal.  For example if you are working towards your Payroll qualification.  Your goal would be to achieve PM.Dip status. you may like to add each chapter of the course as an activity against that goal.

If you do not want to set goals then just add each bit of CPD as a new activity.

ICB recommends that members complete a minimum of 30 points of CPD per year of which at least 15 should be structured and a maximum of 15 should be unstructured. Each hour of structured CPD equates to one CPD point, whilst an hour of unstructured CPD equates to half a CPD point. Your CPD year runs in line with your membership year

I hope this helps answer your questions but do let me know if you have any further queries.

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Dear Lucy,

I upgraded and become a full member in December, I too find it difficult to fully understand the CPD system, eg if you sign up to an ICB TV Webinar, which sends a link to your email to join a zoom meeting at a specific date and time discussing particular topics, is this structured or unstructured? Also is it just branch meetings and other webinars orgainised by the ICB which you have to sign up for are credited automatically?

In regards to the above comment regarding obtaining the PM.DIP certification, I am currently studying this, do I need to manually record the CPD, as the syllabus for it states:

"CPD Points

On successful completion of this qualification you will automatically be credited with 15 structured and 15 unstructured points on your CPD record"

It may be useful if you could provide a list to new members regarding how and what contributes to CPD points, specifically in regards to the ICB events and what is normally credited automatically and what you need to do manually.

I am very impressed with the ICB in terms of its offerings, just after a bit more clarity in terms of the CPD system.

Best regards


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thank you for your feedback, it is great to hear you are impressed with our offering.  We have recently done work to update the CPD policy and hope to have this published soon.  Hopefully this will make it easier for new members to understand the requirements.

CPD for exams taken with ICB should be added to your portal automatically on successful completion of the exam.

ICB webinars would normally be unstructured as there is no way to verify your participation.


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Hi Lucy,


I have noted that webinars signed up to are not structered. Is that the same for the bookkeepers summit now that it is virtual? I attended both days in November and no points were added to my portal. It feels a little bit hard to gain structered points at the moment (or at least prove them) when so many things are virtual. I won't pass any exams this year to meet my structured points, nor are there any in person structered branch meetings near me. 

But I do attend the excellent payroll webinar with Ian every month. Would love some way to be able to get a certificate of attendance for these or other webinars. Maybe something that can be considered? 

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Kind regards


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Morning Cheri,

ICB are aware of the issues members have in curently gaining structured CPD when events are virtual.  The Summit and Inspire tour can be logged as structured. In the past in-persin events have been added automatically but these virtual events have been left to the members to be added as you are best placed to know the hours you attended.

How we can help members gain structured points is under review especially for those members who struggle to get to in person events due to geography or disability.

We will share our findings with the membership in due course.

Kind regards

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