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AMLS (Documentary Evidence Required)

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a little guidance - I recently applied to HMRC for an agents code for Corportion Tax. I already hold codes for SA, VAT, CIS and Payroll so thought that it woudn't be too difficult. I wrote my letter giving all my details including ICB membership number, practice licience number, all my personal details such as N.I & UTR number, address everything i could think of. 

I've now received a reply from HMRC stating that they have not sent an agents code because they have not been able to confirm my money laundering supervision with the ICB. My question is, has anyone else been in this situation and what documents did you send to HMRC as proof. I wouldn't care but a few years ago I had an AML supervisory visit from the ICB.  HMRC - don't you just love em. 

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