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accredited apps for receiving payment

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Hello everyone,

Is there someone that could help me find an app that I could add to my website, which would allow me to receive payment from a client.

The method I currently use is bank transfer, but I am sure there is an much easier and quicker way.

It is possible that I could set up business PayPay, as at present I only have a personel account.

If anyone has an efficient and trustworthy application that they approve of, I would greatlly appreciate it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Have a good day.

Kind Regards


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Hello Patricia,


I use GoCardless.  They are a Direct Debit processor.  I have a link on my invoices that allows them to setup a direct debit mandate.  They have introduce a method for setting up a single bank payment.

If you want to recevive card payments then PayPal is probably one of the easiest to setup.

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