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Hourly Rates charged

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Hi all 

I wanted to get a rough idea of the hourly rate bookkeepers in London currently charge? I have not adjusted my rates of pay for several years. However as the software gets better, I am doing the same amount of work in 60% of the time. 

I do not want to be unrealistic about my work - I don't do payroll, but do keep the books up to date for accountants, submit VAT returns, CIS, and interact with HMRC if they ever have a problem.  I currently charge £22 per hour but I am wondering if I should just present a fixed rate per month.


For example, I have a number of clients who have relatively few transactions and I simply undertake a quartely blitz for the VAT return, others who I visit twice a month and a couple who are a day a week. 

so.... I would love to see what people are charging - I appreciate this is very personal so an PM would be much appreciated. 


thank you in advance!

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