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Duplicating payroll with HMRC

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I took over 13 new monthly payrolls in April, all set up at the same time on Moneysoft's Payroll Manager.

One of the clients has had a late payemnt notice from HMRC re late payment of PAYE for month 2.

His online account with HMRC shows double the amount due compared to the RTI. He is paid quite a high salary so it's not a small amount being paid each month.

I've looked at the data sent to HMRC on the RTI and it is as his payslip shows.

HMRC are saying it is my software error and have put his account in dispute which can take up to a year to sort.

Annoyingly Moneysoft close at 4.00 so I just missed them today in case they had any ideas what could be happening.

I wondered if anyone else had had something similar happen to a client?

I've compared the data file from the RTI, line by line, with that of another client and they look identical apart from the client specific data.

HMRC have said that I must have applied a 'roll-back' but I don't even know what this is!

It didn't happen for month 1 and it hasn't happened to any other clients but I'm worried it may happen again next month.

Any advice/ideas most welcome.




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