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SafeSearch - ICB's stand on its use?

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I'm part of a small family firm where both myself and my sister are ICB Members (well, Kim's a Fellow but who's counting?!) as are our two staff members that were apprentices last year.

We completely get the need for and support the AMLR regime but to be honest find the ICB's own portal to be clunky and not really user friendly especially when more than one person needs to enter data on it, having to 'share' credentials to do so surely isn't the best practice for businesses?

SmartSearch seems to be a much better solution but with ICB's compliance of using their portal we also feel our hands are tied, or at the very least, can't seem to easily find an answer that says they're OK with 3rd party solutions.

Any answers or thoughts would be appreciated.


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We require all practices to use AML Online, but we don't have any restrictions on additional products you want to use. We are making some huge improvements to AML Online which will be launched as part of our EPIC new website launch in June next year. We are really excited about all the new features which will include an upload function for AML Online to save you a bit of re-keying time if you would like to import a client list from a spreadsheet downloaded from another tool.

We'll be revealing the roadmap for our digital transformation at the Bookkeepers Summit in November.

Meanwhile, if you have any AML questions please 'Ask Abi', our AML Officer Abigail Chamberlaine, who is there to help you ! 02034054000


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