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Sage Online - Changing from VAT Standard to Cash Accounting - Help Please

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Good afternoon fellows

I am looking for some technical help on Sage online for changing to VAT Cash Accounting please.

To be able to change, I can't have any transactions dated after the start date of the next VAT Return.  My last VAT return was to 30.09.23.

When this last return was filed, there were a number of transactions dated 01.10.23 and after.

The problem is that I cannot delete these transactions now as once VAT is filed, no transactions can then be deleted.  Therefore, I have effectively credited all purchase invoices and credited all sales invoices and allocated these transactions.  The VAT for the next period is running at 0.00 which is perfect.

However, it is still not allowing me to change to the Cash Accounting scheme as there are transactions showing after 01.10.23.  I have no way of changing this - it wouldn't let me delete them, so I entered transactions to reverse them, and allocated them, so I'm not sure that there's anything else I can do as this doesn't seem to "remove" them.

Any help would be gratefully received.




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