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Payroll Software for the exam

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I'm hoping to take the Payroll Level 3 exam soon - I've tried the mock and the first part is ok but I'm struggling to find software to use for the computerised question.

I've been studying 22/23 but the only software I can find is for the current year.

Any ideas?

For the real exam, does ICB mark it using the current year? (The mock comes with model answers using the rates for Tax Year 22/23 but the software throws up different answers because of rates changes.


Xero can't seem to answer my question!

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I can't answer your question on whether the ICB use the current or a previous year for the exam, but if you download any year of Brightpay, once installed you can use it for 60 days and it's fully functional, before you need to purchase a license.  Download - BrightPay UK

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