A2 Question Bank

Key Details

This Level 2 A2 Question Bank provides practice questions which cover the Level 2 syllabus for A2 Further Double-Entry Bookkeeping to Trial Balance.

UK Postage included, please call for international delivery.

Note: A digital version of this textbook can be found within the level 2 learning hub.


Students can cement their learning by testing themselves against exam standard questions.

The banks offer full syllabus coverage with questions on all topics and answer feedback for all questions.

The banks give flexibility to fit question practice into pockets of available time. You can practise with as many or as few question as time allows. They give you an excellent opportunity to build your confidence before committing to the time required to take a mock exam.

Once you are comfortable with the way that questions are written and answered in the question bank, you can move on to a mock exam which will test you under time pressure and allow you to become familiar with ICB’s exam platform.