Final Accounts for Incorporated Businesses

Key Details

This is a CPD textbook for those who have achieved the grade of full Member on the pre-2019 syllabus, but who have not studied Final Accounts for Incorporated Businesses and/or achieved the ABA8 qualification.


Chapter 1 - Mark-Up and Margin Calculations
Chapter 2 - Advanced Partnerships
Chapter 3 - Limited Companies
Chapter 4 - Limited Liability Partnerships
Chapter 5 - Ratios and Performance Indicators
Chapter 6 - Cash Budgets

230 pages

The pre-2019 ABA8 unit has been replaced by the M7 and was discontinued on 31st December 2019.

If you don't have an ABA8 course, but wish to upskill and carry out ICB-licensed services in this area, please study this textbook and complete the new M7 exam to prove competence and feel more confident in the work you carry out.


Please note this textbook is only relevant if you have studied the pre-2019 syllabus up to and including BA7. If you are studying the current syllabus, you will cover this subject area through your training course or the M5,M6,M7 Textbook

This comprehensive self-study manual is split into chapters with clear learning outcomes attached to each. There are a number of activities throughout each chapter, along with model answers, to allow you to test your learning as you go. All concepts are explained in a clear fashion with many examples provided.

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