M4 Question Bank

Key Details

This Level 3 M4 Question Bank provides practice questions which cover the Level 3 syllabus for M4 Reconciliations and Final Accounts of a Sole Trader.

UK Postage included, please call for international delivery.


The contents in this workbook cover the topics and exam requirements for the ICB Level 3 – M4 exam. Each practice question is supported by a set of answers, with workings where relevant, enabling you to check if you have answered the questions and completed the tasks correctly. The model answers can be found at the back of this workbook.

The questions in this book are representative of questions that might appear in your M4 studies or in the M4 examination. Once you have worked through this book and are comfortable that you understand the concepts and approaches illustrated in the question, you might consider attempting an ICB mock exam.

Mock exams are delivered using the same online platform as the actual exam which you will take. Therefore, not only do you benefit from more practice of the syllabus content, but you also familiarise yourself with the platform on which you will take the exam.