TaxFiler Webinar - Mind the Tax Gap

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30 Jul 2019
10:30 AM
ICB Webinar, Online,


Mind the Tax Gap - Why is MTD coming in, where is it going, and could you use TaxFiler to expand the services you offer to clients? 

  1. What is HMRC aiming for with MTD?
  2. Registration issues
  3. Filing from Excel spreadsheets via the Taxfiler bridging software
  4. Being prepared for where MTD is going 
  5. Trial Balance to Year-End Accounts to Tax Return demonstration
  6. Questions

To understand why we have issues with MTD and where it’s going, it’s important to understand why HMRC are so keen on this.

Join James Spencer from Taxfiler on Tuesday 30th July for a brief introduction to the “tax gap”, why HMRC thinks it’s happening and why they are keen on electronic records - but not too many electronic records.

We’ll also be looking at what HMRC will probably be doing once they get MTD bedded in.

Registering for MTD

A lot of the pain that we’ve seen has been with the registration for VAT and this will be a quick tour of the registration process, with some of the oddities that HMRC have introduced into the process.

Actually doing it - Using the spreadsheet import functionality

No webinar is complete without a software demonstration of some sort, and this will not disappoint. 

There will be a demonstration of how to get the data from the spreadsheet to the HMRC server using Taxfiler as a bridge.  This will be a live demonstration, so something is bound to go wrong, and it will be worth seeing if the presenter can convincingly pretend it either didn’t happen or that the mistake was deliberate.

We'll also be looking at the future of MTD, and doing a quick run-through of how you take the accounts from Trial Balance stage, through to year-end, accounts production and tax return using Taxfiler. With additional qualifications and the right tools, you might find expanding your services is easier than you thought.

There will also be a 15-minute QA at the end of the session so you can get all your MTD questions answered!