WEBINAR MTD Excel Bridging Software

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19 Mar 2019
02:00 PM
ICB Webinar, Online, ..


Do you have questions about continuing to use Excel, bridging software, signing clients up or what is next for MTD? Tax Optimiser has been helping hundreds of bookkeepers to make sure their clients are MTD compliant no matter whether they are using spreadsheets, bespoke systems or legacy software.
Tax Optimiser has even helped bookkeepers whose clients are on old DOS versions of Sage. Tax Optimiser doesn't just see the opportunity with MTD to be about submitting VAT returns but to help bookkeepers be more efficient using the MTD API.
ICB's interactive online webinars can be up to an hour long. You can ask the host questions using the on-screen text box. You'll be able to watch the webinar on your computer and listen in either through your computer's speakers, plug in headphones, or by telephoning the webinar's dedicated line. Further instructions will be sent by email in the run up to the event.